A Labor Of Love


Meet the doula... Me!

My name is Kim. I live in Orlando and am a mother to 6 children. I have learned that labor is always a surprise and babies come when they want, and on their time.

I am a full spectrum doula. What is a full spectrum doula? This means that I provide support to women during all aspects of pregnancy. This includes working with women experiencing any sort of loss, women expecting a medically fragile baby, women with medical needs themselves, and women with a healthy pregnancy and baby. I provide non-judgmental support to everyone regardless of your choices. I am here for you and your birthing needs/wants. 

I have been a doula since 2007. I have trained with DONA. I am a practicing birth, postpartum, and sibling doula. I also do placenta encapsulation. In the past I have also done montrice work. Outside of my doula passion I am a pediatric RN. 

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