A Labor Of Love


Dads and Doulas

Doulas never replace dads, but are an extra set of hands.  

     Having a doula present at your birth is not only benificial for mom but is great for dads too. Your partner is there to love you in a way that no one else can. Doulas help dads by letting him love you while we fill in the gaps. Dads are then able to participate in your labor and birth in whatever is most comfortable for them, without having to feel scared and overwelmed. Dads are often more able to participate fully with a doula present. When the doula is there to provide informational support about labor as it progresses, relieving some of the fear around birth, allowing him to love and support his partner. The presence of a doula compliments dads role and strengthens it. A doula often can give suggestions and encourage dad to touch, talk and to help in ways he may not have thought of.

Click HERE to watch 2 short videos (3mins) of actual dads speaking about how their doula has helped them during their partners pregnancy and birth.