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As a full spectrum doula I offer many different services to meet the needs of almost any family.  What is a full spectrum doula? This means I support families from conception through birth, from healthy pregnancies, to diagnosed or suspected issues, and to those that have or are experiencing a loss. If you are experiencing a pregnancy with a diagnosed terminal condition (baby) I have extensive experience and am available for you. Trisomy 13 families will be given special circumstances.

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Antepartum Doula

Sibling Doula


Belly Casting

Placenta Encapsulation


Birth Doula Services

Birth doula services include:

No obligation first interview. At this interview we will meet to see if we are a good fit for each other. During the interview I will give you my contract, which we will go over. I will answer any questions you may have at this time also. After our meeting I will hold your due date for 1 week while you decide if I am the right doula for you. Once we sign a contract and the deposit is paid, I am your doula!

Two prenatal meetings. At these meetings we will get to know one another and go over any labor and birth plans you may have. Also during these meetings we will discuss what to expect during labor, comfort measures, talk about your fears and wishes for labor and birth, and come up with a birth plan if you would like. This is also a good time for you to let me know of any special circumstances to be aware of when it is your birthing time. Such as any pets in the home, gate codes, and the like. 

Prior to being on-call for you, you have unlimited access to me by email anytime, or by phone 9AM to 6PM. I am here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Or if you would just like to talk. I utilize text messaging so you may text me as well.

I am on-call for you starting two weeks prior to your due date, and until your baby is born. This means you can call or text me anytime you think you are in labor, or when you would like me to join you. Day or night!

During labor I (or backup if necessary) will be with you from the time you let me know you would like me to join you until about an hour or so after you give birth. I can help you get situated after birthing, and assist with breastfeeding/bonding. Please call me as soon as you think you may be in labor, or if your water breaks, even if you do not need me to come to you. This gives me a heads up so I can arrange my child care and reschedule any appointments.

One postpartum meeting. This is totally optional and up to you to decide if you would like a postpartum visit. If you would like to meet, during this time, we will talk about your birth. I can help answer any questions you may have, drop off any birth pictures/videos, and go over your birth experience. I can also help and give advice with breastfeeding questions, cloth diapering, babywearing, and I would love to admire your new baby!

Antepartum Doula

You can hire a labor doula if you want support during childbirth. You can hire a postpartum doula when you need support adjusting to being a new parent. But what if you need help before the baby has arrived? What if you are on bed rest, or you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy and need the extra support? This is when the antepartum doula can help. Antepartum doulas specialize in supporting women going through high-risk or difficult pregnancies. They support their clients in a number of ways. If a woman is on bed rest, an antepartum doula can help by cooking meals, doing light housework, help with siblings, by helping the mother organize things for the new baby, and most importantly by providing emotional and informational support. Antepartum doulas can also act as a "sounding board" for concerns and fears about the pregnancy. The antepartum doula can also put you in contact with local support agencies, online resources, and online support groups. Antepartum doulas are not just for women on bed rest however. We work with any woman needing some extra support! Consider having an antepartum doula at your side, even if for a short while. Others that may benefit from an antepartum doula are: Teen moms, Single moms, Wives of deployed military partners, Moms feeling unsure, anxious or just have a lot of questions, If you want someone knowledgeable in pregnancy to attend a prenatal appointments with you and to discuss them with you afterwards, If you feel you need extra support in preparing for childbirth. Traditional childbirth classes are done in group settings and are often biased to what the hospital will "allow" there. The antepartum doula works for you and not any hospital and will give you unbiased, evidenced based, useful information.

Consultant Doula

If you and your partner have decided that you do not want to hire a doula for your labor and birth, but still want personalized, one-on-one, information on how to get through labor like pros, why not hire a doula for a few hours? As your consultant doula I can show you and your partner techniques, as well as offer advice, to help both mom and partner work together, making labor and birth as smooth a process as possible. The consultant doula package can be customized to how many meeting you need.

Placenta Encapsulation

So you've done the research and are interested in encapsulating your placenta.. Great!! I service the Orlando and surrounding areas. In addition to learning the art of encapsulation, I have knowledge in bloodborne pathogens. I am BBP trained yearly through my RN licensing, and I have additional training and certification through Biologix in OSHA approved BBP training. Please see the Placenta page for more information in encapsulation.

Belly Casting

I am excited to be offering belly and breast casting. A belly cast is a casting that will capture your beautiful pregnant belly. These casts can be of your belly alone, belly and breasts, and can include your arms/hands or someone else's (partner or older child's) hand. Once your casting dries you can leave it as is or decorate it in any way you chose. The options for decoration are endless and only limited by your creativity. Typically a belly cast is done at the end of pregnancy. Somewhere around 37-40 weeks. This is usually when your belly is biggest. While some women only want one cast, at the end of pregnancy, some have chosen to have several throughout their pregnancy to capture the entire pregnancy in a visual keepsake.


Birth Doula


My doula rate includes everything mentioned under services. I accept cash, check, and occasionally payment plans and bartering for partial payment of services. Please do not hesitate to ask. Discounts are available in certain circumstances.

If you need help covering the cost of a doula you can ask for gift certificates at your baby shower. Gift certificates are a great for your family and friends to help cover the cost of your doula. Gift certificates can be made in any amount and put towards your balance.

Placenta Encapsulation


Doula clients are eligible for placenta discounts. Please see the Placenta page for more information on placenta remedies and additional services. Every placenta service includes everything you need for the particular remedy. No need to purchase anything extra.

Antepartum Doula & Postpartum Doula

Antepartum & postpartum doula rates are $25 an hour with a 2 hour minimum during the day. Night rates are $30 an hour, between the hours of 7pm - 7am, with a 4 hour minimum. Hours must be booked and paid for in advance. 

Sibling Doula


Sibling doula with the option to have me provide limited labor support if your child/children are asleep or with another family member.

Consultant and Internet Doula

Consultant Doula

Rates vary, please contact me for current prices.

Internet Doula

$100 From the time you hire me till 3 weeks after your baby is born. 

With either of these packages should you decide that you would like for me to attend your labor and birth with you, you can chose to have me attend for an additional birth fee. Provided I am available at the time. Cash or check is needed upon joining you.

Belly Casting

The fee for belly casting depends on what you would like done. The more we do, the more casting supplies it will take. You do not need to be a doula client of mine to have a belly casting done. Current clients will receive a discount though. The casting supplies used are made for pregnant women. The stuff you get in a hobby store is not made to be used on the skin. Real belly casting kits are non-toxic and do not heat up and burn the skin. Payment is required at least a week prior to our casting appointment. This way I can assure we will have enough materials available. All you will need to provide at our appointment is warm water, and of course a belly!

Belly Only - $50

Belly and Breasts - $60

Belly, Breasts and Arm - $70

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